8 Ways to Celebrate National Dance Day


National Dance Day is an annual grassroots movement that encourages people to embrace dance as a fun and positive way to promote health and well-being. Launched in 2010 by So You Think You Can Dance co-creator and Dizzy Feet Foundation co-founder Nigel Lythgoe, there are thousands of thousands of eclectic events, including dance mobs, benefit performances and kicklines (obviously one of our personal faves!) happening around the country. From taking a dance class to rockin’ your old dance costumes, here are a few ways you can get movin’ and groovin’ on National Dance Day:

1. Take a dance class, of course! Try your hand at some Rockettes precision choreography and join us for a Rockettes Experience class! Or, drag a friend along to a class at your local studio.

2. Dance. Movie. Marathon. 
Whether you’re itching to watch a classic Hollywood movie-musical, a ballet-meets-hip-hop love story or Dirty Dancing for the 614th time, there are a ton of dance-inspired movies to choose from for your entertainment.

3. Impromptu improv jam in a public place. Why not? Live a little. Your groove is guaranteed to put a smile on someone’s face, including your own.

4. Go see a dance performance. Hopefully you’ve got plenty of options in your community to choose from. If not, try renting, downloading or streaming live performance footage. In a pinch, you can watch your kids, nieces, nephews or grandkids put on a show in the living room. And, of course, you’ll have the best seats in the house.

5. Check out a dance book from your local library. That’s a Kindle with doors! Can’t make it before closing time? You can always download a dance book to your e-reader.

6. Wear your old dance costumes. Raise everyone’s spirits and dance awareness by digging out an old costume. If you don’t have an old dance costume, pick one up at a local thrift store, or make your own.

7. Donate to a dance organization of your choice. Serious face. Many non-profit dance organizations depend on more than ticket revenue or tuition to finance their dance. They need donations from people like us for even the fundamentals, like space to practice or share their art. If you don’t already have a favorite organization to which you can give, try crowd or project funding sites like KickstarterDonorsChoose or Indiegogo. Every little bit helps.

8. Spread the word! Share that it’s #NationalDanceDay on your social media profiles. Talk to friends about why dance matters to you,  the benefits of dancing for health, fitness, mental well-being, expression, self-confidence, creativity or just for the fun of it.

Need more ideas or want to get involved? Head over to DizzyFeetFoundation.com!