5 Reasons We Love Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift loves New York and the feeling is entirely mutual. In “Welcome to New York,” the opening track to Swift’s blockbuster album 1989, she sings all about her love for the Big Apple’s bright lights, its kaleidoscope of sounds and its crazy-making pace. The song has struck a chord with visitors eager to be a face in New York’s crowded streets, at least for a few days, as well as New Yorkers, who love to brag about their home, including, the Rockettes. When Radio City’s famed dancers heard “Welcome to New York”, they knew that they had found not only a kindred spirit in Swift (tall women unite!), but the perfect soundtrack to the opening number of their New York Spring Spectacular, too. In homage to the song and the singer, the dancers helped put together a little infographic that shows just a few of the many, many reasons that the Rockettes love Taylor Swift.


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