4 Dance Workouts to Try Today


Photo Credit: Lawrence K. Ho | Los Angeles Times via Getty Images


hange up your workout routine and get your sweat on with these fitness dance classes you’ll soon fall in love with:

POUND. This fitness dance class wants you to listen to your body. No, really. Listen to your body get a killer workout as you combine cardio with drumming moves. Yep, you actually get to use drumsticks to tone your upper body—and create an awesome beat. Want to kick your workout up a notch? Unleash your inner rock star and have a major drum session. You can purchase the full-length DVD or start your free trial of of at-home workouts here.

Cardio Ballet. We always knew ballerinas were tough, and it seems that more places are offering combination ballet/boxing classes like Barre Code’s Barre Brawl. They combine the toning aspects of a ballet dance class with a healthy dose of cardio.

Bokwa. Bok-what? Cardio is the name of the game, but the twist? The movements are based on letters and numbers. Walk forward and back with a side-step for an “L,” or hop and jump your way through a “3.” A bonus for dancers: Since the moves are created around letters and numbers, you get a break from the eight-count and once you master your letter or number, improvise!

Zumba Sentao. Zumba on its own is a fun, Latin-inspired workout that feels more like a party. Now add a chair to the mix, and the party gets more interesting. In this rendition of Zumba, each participant uses a chair as part of their workout to help work their abs and core in unique ways (i.e. not by doing boring crunches on your back). Sit on the chair and raise your knees to your elbows, or use it as a stabilizer while doing lunges.