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10 Things Only Dance-Obsessed People Understand



here’s no shame in the number of times you’ve watched Dirty Dancing or that every time you enter a dance store, for one thing, you come out with seven. Perhaps your fascination with all things dance is a little more than casual, but guess what?! You’re not alone!

From realizing that dance is a financial priority to knowing that there is no such thing as “background music,” here are 10 things that only truly dance-obsessed people will understand:

Dance is a valid excuse for getting out of practically anything. “You want me to go to brunch this weekend? I would love to, but I have this dance thing that I can’t miss.”

Dance is always in season. As a lover of all things dance you start thinking about holiday performances in summer, and summer dance intensives in winter, while you think about your spring show choreography in fall and your fall auditions in spring. Oy vey!

That a “keeper” is someone willing to sit through a three-act dance performance with you. If a person wants to be in your life, a little numbness of the derrière is to be expected. At least the theater doesn’t have bleacher seating.

You’re the first—and the last one!—on the dance floor. We totally get it; you don’t need a crowd to do your thing … even if no one else is joining you and shaking what their mama gave ’em.

It’s perfectly normal to fixate on someone’s feet, neck length or degree of turnout. It’s OK if you’re obsessed with a dancer’s pirouettesballet technique or how their feet look in a character shoe.

Kitchen floors offer the least resistance for turning than anywhere else in the home. You’ve tried every other room in the house—even the bathroom—but there’s something about that kitchen floor…

Dance is a financial priority. If you make your own budget, then you are all too familiar with dance having its own column; falling somewhere below housing but probably above essentials like food and clothing.

It’s possible to spend several days binging on dance films and documentaries. Seriously, who knew that a dance search on YouTube is like sailing into the Bermuda Triangle. But just beware, your loved ones may be planning an intervention.

Dancers are cooler than superheroes. Sure, superheroes wear tights and have cool capes, but dancers change costumes faster than Superman and are arguably more dedicated to their work than Batman.

There’s no such thing as “background music.” You’re stepping, grooving or making up dances to that beat, even if you keep it to yourself to appear “normal.”