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    Year-round fitness is critical for a show-stopping performance. Dive Deeper
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    Nutrition ROX : Fitness Fuel

    A balanced diet to acheive your goals.

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    Yoga Rox

    How do Rockettes stay in shape all year? Rockette Traci's answer: Yoga.

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    Roxfit: Power Up

    Power up your body for working out

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      • Party Yourself Into Shape!

        Zumba Fitness

        RT @JerZeeJess: It might be the endorphins but I think I have as much swag on the dance floor as the youngsters in my @zumba class. #zumbap…

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        NBA New York Knicks

        Video: GM @scmills joins @MSGNetworks to discuss #Knicks roster balance, J.R. Smith and Melo's return. WATCH: http://t.co/yUs4gjWF4k

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        SELF Magazine

        Look out for @marianne_vos @L_ArmiTstead @smallsunday @GiorgiaBronzini and @ShellyJOlds @LaCoursebyTDF on Sunday: http://t.co/I0JSr5gqm1

      • Shape magazine offers the...

        Shape Magazine

        So many wonderful(ly strong) reasons to watch the CrossFit Games this year: http://t.co/QWozL84Yi6 http://t.co/C2iIBZPF0S