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    • Flirty 30's Makeup

    • The 1930’s were the Golden Age of Hollywood, which lead to the Golden Age of Glamorous Hollywood makeup looks—cue the voluptuous pout and delicate facades! Inspired by the romance of film, faces followed a dreamy feminine look with pink cheeks, soft eyes and arched brows. Looking through vintage Rockettes photos, they rocked the look throughout the decade. As ravishing as this look can be, it is an effortless look for daytime and evening today. See what it takes to achieve the starlet look.


      The 30’s were all about the dramatic pout, which starts with a luscious lip shape and color. Cupid’s bow, the arch of the upper lip, was dramatized by extending the lip slightly when applying lipstick. A whole slew of hues in the red and pink family made appearances in lip trends of the decade.  These shades are timeless pieces in anyone’s makeup collection so don’t be afraid to invest!


      Eyes stepped away from the leading role they took in the sultry 20’s look but they are crucial in the supporting cast in the 30’s look. Neutral shades that feel under grays and browns were softly applied to the eyelid below the crease and blended to achieve a delicate airy feel. The eye was then topped off eyeliner on the top lid and a few coats of mascara for the lashes. It’s a simple addition to morning routine that will only take minutes.


      Thin and dramatically arched eyebrows were right on par with the drama unfolding on the silver screen. This element is what really caps this look off as the 30’s.  Women of the time chose to finely pluck them into dramatic arches or shaved then off completely and opted to pencil them in—yikes! If you’re not keen on loosing your brow shape and size, use a pencil to arch them a bit for the feminine flair associated with the look.